2014 Coursera Partners' Conference

Learning Agreement Ku

Pre-financing equal to 80% of the amount indicated in the Erasmus agreement is paid to the participant no later than thirty days calendar after the signing of the agreement by both parties (students and Kozminski University). Step 4: After completing the form, copies of the form and learning goals/goals are emailed to the following address: Step 3: The student must complete the short information form below and attach the learning/agreement objectives signed as indicated in the last stage of the form. To qualify for an Erasmus grant, you must sign an Erasmus scholarship agreement – contact the Erasmus institutional coordinator, Ms Kinga Nekanda-Trepka, kingant@kozminski.edu.pl to make an appointment for the signing of the Erasmus scholarship agreement. If you meet all the requirements (bilateral agreement, appointment by the university of origin, acceptable learning agreement and transcript of the recordings), you will get one of the 3 possible results: Step 2: The student and site supervisor must meet the learning objectives and sign the agreement by typing all the answers into this completed pdf file. Open the file, close all the components and save them to your computer. If you are an Erasmus student and your apprenticeship agreement must be signed by an official at the University of Copenhagen, you must contact the Erasmus coordinator or the international secretary of the department on the basis of which you originally requested your Erasmus exchange and ask for the signing of your apprenticeship contract. In other words, if you have accepted your Erasmus exchange on the basis of one of the Erasmus exchange agreements of the Department of Economics, you should contact the Erasmus coordinator of the Economics Department to have your apprenticeship agreement signed. Step 5: The student and site supervisor should keep signed copies of the agreement. . Details can be found on the website of the national agency Le ToR as soon as all the results of the audit are recorded in ku Campus. :: May 31 for the winter semester: November 30 for the summer semester Your university must send your application by e-mail to the faculty exchange coordinator before the deadline for submitting applications with your name, email address, study material and exchange time.

Please note that you should send all required application documents (PDF version, not photos by mobile phone!) by email to lucia.kravcakova[zavinac]ku.sk According to KU exam regulations, notes and notes will make sense, with notes and notes being the only provisions of the exam regulations. Office of External Relations and Mobility CUL`Catholic University of RusomberokHrabovska cesta 1A034 01 RusomberokSLOVAKIA Step 1: Before filling out this form, the student and the site manager must discuss the parameters of the internship. A thesis project can be worth 12 (one semester) or 24/30 credits (full academic year).

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