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Postnuptial Agreement Houston

Marriage and marriage contracts should be considered as an option: parties with significant assets often enter into marital or post-marriage agreements to structure and manage their assets. Such agreements are useful in confirming the understanding and expectations between the parties regarding their assets, as well as for estate planning and asset protection. Even if you know the basics and requirements of various marital real estate contracts, these contracts may not be suitable for any close or married couple. Marital agreements are particularly useful when there is a large disparity between couples in terms of income, wealth or debt. They anticipate that a spouse will devote a great deal of time and effort to raising children and managing the household; one spouse is in school or will be in school, while the other supports the household; one spouse has ownership shares in a business; and A spouse has a significant estate related to family businesses and estates. These thoughts can also arise as soon as the couple is already married. However, as post-uptial agreements in Texas apply to another phase of a couple`s life, there are additional factors to consider. If you are already married, you can enter into a post-marriage agreement (also called a matrimonial property agreement) is appropriate if: A couple may want to establish a post-uptial agreement if they have financial problems in their marriage. A post-nuptial agreement could help save the marriage, as it will uncover some details that the couple did not think before tying the knot. Even if you and your spouse are already married and have not developed a marriage agreement before your marriage, you still have the option to decide in advance how to settle your affairs in the event of a divorce or break-up. Post-nuptial agreements are just as effective and have many of the same benefits as marriage contracts that couples sign before marriage.

As with any agreement, there are factors that can lead to a marital real estate contract being an unpleasant step for a party. For a marriage contract to be valid in Texas, it must be legal under the Texas Family Code. If the document is considered unacceptable, let`s say that a partner did not disclose his full financial image before being signed, or if a partner feels the pressure to sign it, then he could be disabled.

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