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362V Agreement

This application is the following proof of the applicant`s status as an “owner/occupier/controlling person: [z.B. copy of the property register, lease, sale agreement, licence or property management contract, because it is a document indicating the applicant`s full name] In cases where a person resells a recent home to fall within the definition of “on-Seller,” the unspoken guarantees (10 years) will be included in the sale and purchase agreement. Section 362V (1) of the Construction Act 2004 (Act) provides that a commercial seller commits an offence if that commercial seller enters into a sale of the household unit or authorizes the purchaser to hold the budget unit before a certificate of compliance with the code is issued for the budget unit, unless the parties enter into an agreement pursuant to section 362V (2) of the Act. This application is accompanied by proof of ownership: [Copy of the property register, lease agreement, sale agreement or any other document containing the full name of the owner (s) legal (s) of the building] The usual guarantees of the seller (contained in a standard sales and sale contract) when the seller has ordered the work usually expire within six years of the execution of the contract. a copy of a written agreement between the owner and the board regarding the issuance of the certificate of compliance with the code: the parties wish to enter into this agreement in accordance with section 362V (2 of the Act) in order to allow the commercial seller to conclude a sale of the unit of the household or to allow the purchaser of the budgetary unit to hold the budget unit before issuing a code compliance certificate with respect to the budget unit. At the time of this agreement, a building permit was issued for the budget unit, but no certificate of compliance with the code was issued. An agreement between a commercial seller and a purchaser of a household unit under Section 362V (2) of the Act (which relates to a transfer without a certificate of compliance with the code) must be included in Form 1. In the event of a conflict between this agreement and the treaty, the provisions of this agreement apply. The document referred to in the pedout (1) is part of the form. .

after the exemption of the owner and the owner in the last three years, have not carried out limited work on another budget unit. . The following applications have been submitted and refer to this request [date of notification and applicant`s name]. A building permit could not be obtained in advance, as the construction work had to be carried out urgently: [delete one of the following].

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