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Greenwich Spss Licensing Agreement

SPSS Form and Licensing Agreement, SPSS Form and Licensing Agreement, By accepting this copyright confirmation form, I understand that the institution reserves the right to take legal action against those who have involved it in legal proceedings because of a violation of their licensing agreements. To be effective, any waiver of either condition in an agreement reached by one party with the other party must be made in writing. For download instructions for SPSS, Amos – Modeler, please read the license agreement below and give you your consent. The license code is only valid for the current academic session and you must complete a new form each year that you need. PhD students, telelearners and academics should fill out the form and then contact the IT department. The licensee acknowledges and accepts that IBM has the right to withdraw programs (and associated licensing fees for these programs) on the basis of claims in violation of these programs or a loss of IBM`s rights to the programs. If IBM withdraws its programs and licenses, Hearne and the licensee will immediately stop using these programs. In the case of temporary licences, the licensee`s only recourse for the withdrawal of the licence fee is a proportional refund of the non-outdated portion of the duration granted by Hearne in the associated software. Hearne may suspend or cancel this license and terminate access to IBM SPSS software or any ancillary service: (a) if the licensee: (i) does not pay hear to Hearne who, pursuant to this license or under another agreement between Hearne and the taker, must be paid within twenty business days of the expiry of such payment; (ii) does not meet the appropriate requirements for the use or more general use of IBM SPSS software, which is communicated in writing to Hearne`s licensee, including any restrictions on use; or (iii) does not comply, by other means, with this license or any other agreement with Hearne; and a suspension of access to IBM SPSS software pursuant to this clause 12.1, or any refusal or delay on Hearne`s part to provide an associated support or service, does not constitute a termination of an agreement reached by Hearne with the licensee (unless Hearne refuses it in writing) or a violation by Hearne of such an agreement or conditions. NVivo Form – Licensing Agreement and Download Instructions Any party may terminate this licence immediately and without notice if the other party: a) goes into forced or voluntary liquidation (except for the purpose of merging or re-enactment); (b) has designated a beneficiary, director or beneficiary through him or one of his assets or assets; (c) is subject to legal administration or a similar scheme; or (d) links with its creditors or takes or undergoes a similar act or proceeding as a result of debts. . Hearne owns or concedes all of the intellectual property of third parties or, in the case of IBM SPSS Software, licensed this software by IBM and, with respect to all of the intellectual property provided by Hearne, the licensee acknowledges and accepts that: a) the intellectual property is wholly owned by Hearne or is fully authorized and the licensee will not contest or challenge the title.

, intellectual property rights or property; (b) the licensee can only enter into the intellectual property available to him in accordance with the grant granted to him, which was otherwise agreed in writing with Hearne; and (c) complies with all current intellectual property rules and regulations (in particular, it ensures that its users otherwise know that IBM SPSS software is owned by IBM and is authorized by Hearne) and will occasionally execute all appropriate instructions Hearne has given it regarding IBM SPSS software.

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