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Section 106 Agreement Croydon Council

Although the S106 agreement has been given the green light by the City Council, this does not mean that work on the new stadium will begin immediately. The following documents contain guidelines for the Employment and Training Council follow-up process S106 Commitments. Peter Cole, Chief Investment Officer von Hammerson, added: “This Agreement 106 is another important step for the programme and brings our proposals closer to its implementation. We are in active talks with retailers and are developing plans. Today`s announcement is an important step in revitalizing Croydon as the leading retail and leisure destination in south London, and our implementation of this $1 billion program that will create 5,000 new jobs. A briefing on the project for city councillors will be held tomorrow night at the planning committee, which will be led by the impartial Chris Clark or @chrisclarkcpfc, as it is called on Twitter. Rystal Palace will be a major obstacle in its bid to rebuild the main grandstand in Selhurst Park, if Croydon Council formally presses by building permit on Thursday night. However, the restoration of the stand can only begin when the city council has issued the building permit. This could take at least 12 months, the Athletic report suggests. However, an agreement with Sainsbury`s, owner of Selhurst Park supermarket, may not be as simple as it is and could still delay the project.

But to fulfill its plans, the football club must acquire land and property from its nearby neighbors, including the six Council houses at Wooderson Close, which date back to the current main grandstand. “The association has yet to buy some of the land from the supermarket chain,” confirms The Athletic. One of the club`s plans is to use the existing car park as “Fans` Plaza” on match days. The “supermarket car park is also part of the property that The Palace must buy, and both parties have confirmed that negotiations are ongoing.” The fully impartial chair of the Council Planning Committee The plans were approved by Croydon Council in April 2018, but it was then agreed that Section 106 (S106) would be referred to the planning committee before being signed. “The Westfield/Hammerson development has put Croydon city centre on the map as a retail and leisure destination, and today`s agreement confirms it as a real catalyst for the renewal of our entire neighbourhood. Part of the proposal includes the purchase of six Council apartments at Wooderson Close and no work can begin until the land is purchased. As a result of the move, the club must give one year`s notice to Croydon Council before major construction can begin, while an agreement must be reached with Sainsbury`s on part of the land they are currently renting at the supermarket next door. Nicola Townsend, Chief Planner at City Council, said a public consultation may be needed before a new PSC is introduced.

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