2014 Coursera Partners' Conference

Turkey Hundred Years Agreement

It is possible here to strike a balance between the treaties of Lausanne II and the “Nanjing Treaty” that China ceded to Britain after the First Opium War, by signing the Tchenba Agreement, which is to end the first Anglo-Chinese conflict. If, after May 15, 1923, amounts were recovered for fiscal years prior to the 1922-23 fiscal year, the amount is refunded to those affected as soon as the contract comes into force. The high contracting parties agree that debts due before the war or due during the war under contracts that were not paid because of the war must be settled and paid in the currency agreed in the currency agreed at the rate in their home country. After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, Britain, France, Italy and Greece shared Anatolia and colonized the territory that is now Turkey. But Mustafa Kemal Ataturk reorganized the remnants of the Ottoman army and thwarted this attempt at division with intelligent diplomacy and several years of war. Subsequently, the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923 recognized ataturk`s victory and established the borders of modern Turkey. Lausanne was then part of the country`s fundamental myth. For a while, he even had his own day of celebration, La LausanneR, where the children were dressed in costumes representing the disputed regions of Anatolia for the games of the primary school. Licences for the use of commercial property or reproduction of literary or artistic works granted before the war by or to nationals of allied powers or to persons residing or operating on their territory, on the one hand, or by Turkish nationals, on the other, are considered hidden from the beginning of a state of war between Turkey and the Allies concerned.

However, within six months of the entry into force of this contract, the former beneficiary of such a licence has the right to require the rights holder to issue a new licence whose terms are set by the Joint Court of Arbitration within the meaning of Section V of this party in the event of an agreement between the parties. The court has the power, if circumstances require, to determine at the same time the one in which it considers an appropriate payment for the use of property during the war. This crucial phase in Turkey`s history confirms a fundamental principle of international politics, namely that facts on the ground shape peace agreements. Turkey`s war of independence changed these facts on the ground, abrogated the Treaty of Sevres and led to peace in Lausanne.

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